Rules and Regulations

Resident will fill out application contract after reviewing mission statement, purpose, expectations and rules and regulations

After agreeing and thoroughly understanding he/she will sign contract and pay project fee of $5.00

Attend mandatory orientation and training sessions

Gardeners are fully aware that they work on-site at their own risk. Charlotte Green, churches, community groups, city agencies, private businesses take NO responsibility or liability for personal injury, damage to property or loss of property (theft)

Garden sites will be assigned by lottery or equitable method as deemed appropriate

Garden sites will have on-site working hours as determined. (No one should be on sites after sundown)

No plot can be gardened until signing of contract and payment of project fee

Last person on-site shall be responsible for locking gate, turning off water and securing tools

Each gardener shall be considerate of neighbor's plot by not planting a tall plant that would interfere with neighbor's plot, maintain pathways surrounding plots, not to impede access to other plots

Dogs, cats or other pets are prohibited

Produce for the garden is for family and not commercial use

Gardeners will have a month from opening date to begin work, after which unworked plots will be reassigned

Any plot left unattended for 15 days will be reassigned - NO REFUNDS

Use all equipment and tools with due diligence and safety

If using pesticides be careful not to spray on windy days as it can damage adjacent plots

If you are sick and unable to attend your garden, let coordinator know

Make every effort to adhere to these guidelines as failure to do so can and will result in loss of gardening privileges. NO REFUND

Use agreed upon plants and seeds only - illegal plants prohibited

No alcoholic beverages in or around the garden

Gardeners will only pick produce from their own garden, unless they have permission to pick someone else's produce


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