Neighborhood group will do the following:

Organize a committee which will attend initial meeting, orientation session, and any ongoing meetings during the course of the program

Distribute information about program to neighborhood

Organize residents who by providing labor will reap the benefits
Labor to include:

initial cleaning and clearing of lot
incorporation of soil amendments (topsoil, mulch, etc.)
construction of planting site (pathways, garden borders, etc)
planting of gardens
maintenance of garden (watering, weeding, pruning and harvesting

Complete applications and contracts

Collect program fees

Help locate garden site(s)

Help with fundraising and solicitation of money, materials and services from community groups, religious organizations, businesses and city agencies

Help in the design of site and the assignment of garden areas

Aid in the ordering of plants, seeds, shrubs, flowers and/or trees

Distribute and maintain supplies (tools and materials)

Develop a volunteer system among participants to accomplish site chores and maintenance

Adhere to and enforce regular on site hours

Help with publicity - press clippings, pictures, journals, etc

Help to resolve any problems by enforcing guidelines and reassigning abandoned plots

Help locate gardeners for other programs


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