Charlotte Green, which started in 1991, was mirrored after the Philadelphia Green Project. As expressed in our mission statement, we are partners with inner city communities, who want to better their neighborhoods.

Initially, we find neighborhoods which are interested in our concept. The City of Charlotte, through their Community Department, has been invaluable to us in identifying both potentially interested neighborhoods and empty lots as potential garden sites. Approval from the landowner is sought for use of the site as a garden. Charlotte Green then presents a program to the local neighborhood association. Our goal is to enlist eight interested gardeners who will subsequently elect a head gardener.

Once the land has been obtained and the gardeners recruited, we meet with them at the site and provide them with gardening tools and a Charlotte Green t-shirt. They in turn pay $5.00 to become a member of the Charlotte Green family. The gardeners are given a plant selection form from which to choose the plants and vegetables for their garden, which will be provided by Charlotte Green. During the next few weeks, we till the land, add topsoil, etc., erect a fence and secure water usage in preparation for planting. The community gardeners maintain the continued upkeep of the gardens.

We have two seasons per garden, Spring and Fall. In November, the Board of Charlotte Green gives an annual dinner for the gardeners. Our board consists of twenty-seven members, seven of which are community gardeners. At that dinner, as an incentive and in appreciation, we give prizes for the best gardeners at each garden site and a prize for the best garden.

In 1997, we started an auxiliary, which has been invaluable in providing funds for our programs. Our ongoing outreach projects are the gardens at Presbyterian Hospice & Palliative Care and Barringer Academy in Charlotte, NC. We are concentrating on outreach within the neighborhoods that we serve.

Our work continues...


History by Date


Lot 1 - Wilmore Community Center Garden - 1808 South Mint - MPUMC 10/31/91

Lot 2 - Wilmore Community Center Garden - 1808 South Mint - Eagle Scout John T. Sullivan Garden 4/20/92

Lot 3 - Belmont Garden - Corner of Belmont and Allen Street - Solid Waste Services 2/1/93

Lot 4 - Cilla Heights Garden - 1927 Parson Street - Solid Waste Services 9/18/93 (Closed)

Lot 5 - Genesis Park Garden - 1908 Genesis Park Place - CM Housing Partnership 9/17/96

Lot 6 - Optimist Park Garden - 425 East 17th Street - Solid Waste Services 9/13/96 (Closed)

Lot 7 - Seversville Garden - 533 Katonah Street - CMHP & Shelco 4/19/97

Lot 8 - Southside Garden - Toomey Avenue - MPUMC, Shalom, Meck County Park and Rec, RT Dooley - 9/15/99

Lot 9 - Wilmore Children's Garden - 1808 South Mint - Warehouse 242 4/17/05


Outreach Projects

Johnston YMCA - Flower Gardens - Christ Episcopal Church 1993-1994

West Charlotte High School - Flower Garden 5/4/93

Highland School - Flower Garden - Christ Church, CG & Junior League 1993

Jackson Park - Flower Garden - Engineering Dept. 1993

Tryon Hills Elementary School - Flower Garden 1995

Afro-American Cultural Center 1999 (ongoing project)

Seigle Avenue Pre-school Cooperative - 2000

Chapel of Christ the King Pre-school - 19972003

Urban Ministry - 1999-2003



Wilmore - Charlotte Latin School - Class of 1992 5/92

Belmont - 2/1/93

Charlotte Emergency Housing 1993


Planter Boxes

Wilmore Community - Spruce Street - Charlotte Latin School - Class of 1992 5/92



Wilmore Community - Two greenhouses 5/7/95

Genesis Park Community 6/10/98

Chapel of Christ the King - Children's Greenhouse 6/22/98 (Given to Chapel)

Belmont Community 9/25/00

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