Every year Charlotte Green holds their Greens for Green program to raise money for its garden projects. We offer wreathes, garlands, topiary trees and kissing balls to brighten up homes during the Christmas holiday season. Proceeds from Greens for Green go to further nurture Charlotte Green gardens in Belmont, Genesis Park, Seversville, Southside, Willmore and the garden at the Afro-American Cultural Center. Orders are typically taken in the fall and must be received by November 1.
To inquire about early orders or to sign up to receive an order form via mail, please contact us. We will post a printable order form on this site in October.

As an overview, we offer the following (subject to change):


Wreaths are available in single face and double face. Sizes are 18"-20" and 24"-26"

Wreaths are available in All Greens Mix (made up of Fraser Fir, White Pine, Boxwood and other assorted greens)



Garlands are priced by the foot and are available in Fraser Fir, Fraser Fir/White Pine Mix and Boxwood


Specialty Items

The 16" Topiary Tree is great for decorating mantels, dining room tables or coffee tables. The Tree is available in Boxwood.

The 12" round Kissing Ball is ideal for hanging in an entry hall or doorway. The Kissing Ball is available in All Green Mix (Fraser Fir, White Pine, Boxwood and other assorted greens).

A 36" long Table Runner in All Green Mix is a beautiful and unique idea for holiday decoration.

A 12" three-sided Mantle Tree made of Boxwood adds a classic holiday look to your mantle.

All orders over $150.00 will be delivered to your home on November 30th or December 1st. All other orders must be picked up at a designated location. We will provide this information with the order forms.

Check back with us in October to download a printable order form or contact us today to receive an order form via mail.

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